Victor is a character from The Dynamite Twins and Friends.


Vic was born in Paris, and was raised by his mother, Brigitte, who came from a wealthy family of distillers who made some of the finest wines.

He and his mother emigrated to America when he was a young pup. When he entered into a new school, it was all "foreign" to him; it didn't help that he was teased for being a rich boy.

At a school party, he met a gerbil named Serena Kay, and she fell for him, and he thought she "completed" him. In a few months, they had sex for the first time. After that romantic fling, she discovered Vic's wealth, and began secretly spending his money behind his back.

Once Vic discovered Serena's spending habits, he was mad. So, he dumped her on the spot, cold-turkey. But Serena fought back by posting pictures and videos online, blabbing about how she "lost her virginity to a rich boy". To make matters much worse, he was constantly bullied, and was punched by the other students. He was just about to graduate, but he had no choice but to drop out. His mother found a way for Vic to continue his education through her neighbour, who was a professor at a prestigious college. The professor, after relating to Vic due to him going through the same events, decided to homeschool him.

To save more money, he followed in his mother's footsteps and took up modelling, but his true passion is baking.

He currently lives in the City of Critterton; he runs his own bakery. He's good friends with Rodger; both of their mothers were from Paris.


  • Victor was originally created by Antwan Sellars, a friend of Jordann's.