The Dynamite Twins: The Great Critter Heist is a recently announced comic story in the main series of The Dynamite Twins and Friends. Written by Jacob Elmer and Jordann Edwards, this story is slated to be a follow-up to My House is Your House.


A trio of criminals have plotted a heist that will lead them to take over the city, and, hopefully, the world. The Twins have to put them in their place once again, with the help of a bumbling police rookie dog...


As Jordann Edwards was developing House, Jacob Elmer was interesting in helping expand the world.

The script came to be when Edwards and Elmer were discussing potential ideas for the TDT universe. On 4 April 2018, Edwards announced that a script was almost finished. In July, he started producing the pages, while also revealing that this story will be available for purchase in physical and digital copies. 


The idea for the script was mostly inspired by action movies and mystery/crime shows on television and film, notably Lethal Weapon and Beverly Hills Cop.





  • Written by Jacob Elmer and Jordann Edwards
  • Story idea by Jacob Elmer
  • Illustrations: Jordann Edwards,
  • Additional text:

Special thanks

  • Craig Black


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