The Dynamite Twins: The Regulators is a western-inspired story from Jordann William Edwards' franchise The Dynamite Twins and Friends, as part of TDT Legends.


The Dynamite Twins want to know if they had any lineage, after Rodger brought up an Ancestors' Day celebration. They decided to go to the library, and they discovered an old book that dates back to the Old West.

Much of these tales take place at the end of the Old West, when the City was still known as Critter Gulch.


Edwards wanted to create a western story, as there haven't been any good ones in a while.


His stories were inspired by some of the westerns that he saw, especially the so-called "spaghetti westerns", especially the Dollars Trilogy. Musically, he was inspired by the compositions of Ennio Morricone.