The Dynamite Twins x The Show Goes On: Slugger Slackers is a feature comic published by KGC Comics. It is notable for being the first major crossover comic, bringing together elements from Wiley Bottcher's The Show Goes On into the world of Jordann William Edwards' The Dynamite Twins and Friends.

Background Edit

In 2013, Wiley Bottcher released a series of YouTube videos that featured him playing the PC game Backyard Baseball 2001. Jordann Edwards made a comment on one of the first videos, asking if Renee King, one of Bottcher's characters, could actually play baseball.

History Edit

In 2016, Edwards created the MajesticBlue Transmedia Universe, and after a falling out, was forced to jettison certain comics published under KGC Comics, including Slugger Slackers and Nightmare in Critterton, as "they've always been favours for friends", thus making them non-canonical. The rest, Lost Vegas and Buck Wild Bash (the holiday special), became part of the MBTU. Elements of the KGC stories will be drawn upon for reference.

Publication Edit

The book will be released for free in 2018, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of The Dynamite Twins and Friends.

Reception Edit


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