Sedrik the Mutt is character that appears in The Dynamite Twins and Friends. He is a DJ and record producer who works in Carmine's Club, and is a member of PurpleSkies.

Character description

Physical appearance

Sedrik is a wolf-dog, with brown fur. He wears a red shirt.




Sedrik was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Growing up, he's fascinated by how hip hop beats are made.

When he was 14, he moved to the Bay Area; around that time, he was taken under the wing of Keith, who was working on the Field Marshals' first studio album, which evolved into KommanderzNChief. He joined the production team of Black Sable Muzik, after which he helped produce both that album, and Path of the Righteous.

After the release of Chief, the Field Marshals took a sabbatical, during which Sedrik struck out and made a name for himself as an electronic dance music DJ and producer.

After the Field Marshals split in the wake of Jay's death, Sedrik continued making music. Not only does he release his own solo music, but he also works at Carmine's Club, while also being the DJ and producer for the band PurpleSkies.


Solo albums




  • Sedrik was inspired a few EDM producers that creator Jordann Edwards listened to.