Pepe is a character from The Dynamite Twins and Friends. He is the loyal friend to the Twins and everyone else in the City.

Character description Edit

Pepe is a purebred chihuahua with light golden fur and brown eyes. He is a dog with a "heart of gold", and he is always loyal to his friends.

Background Edit

Pepe grew up in the slums of Mexico, the youngest in a litter. He didn't have much to play with, let alone any friends. However, he did have one friend - a toucan named Enrique - who was like a brother to him. It didn't really last long, as Enrique moved out to the States.

To the States Edit

It wouldn't be until years later, when his father got a job opportunity in California; he and his family moved up north, at first arriving in Sacramento. Today, he maintains dual citizenship, and he currently works as a car tuner at a garage he built in the City of Critterton.

Trivia Edit

  • He mainly speaks his native Spanish, but has added English phrases as well (otherwise known as "Spanglish").

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