The Dynamite Twins: My House is Your House is a comic book from the main series in The Dynamite Twins and Friends, written by Jordann Edwards and Craig Black, with a story idea from Black, and illustrations by Edwards.

Premise Edit

Terri needs some work done on repairing some Rodger-induced damage to her mansion. Of course, this is easier said than done, as the repairmen that she hires aren’t what they say they are...meanwhile, a wealthy ferret couple from eastern Europe wants to have a piece of the pie...

Background Edit

Jordann Edwards was trying to come up with new stories as part of a reboot. Meanwhile, Craig Black was winding down on his own stories. In an extensive chat, Craig had an idea of a story surrounding a house issue.

Characters Edit

Main Edit

  • Terri
  • Jacqui
  • Maxie
  • Carmine
  • The "builders" - a group of criminals who pose as builders.
    • Harry - a conniving lizard who leads the pack
    • Fred - a red and white robin who's the right-paw man
    • Jagger - an English sheepdog
  • Ivan and Nadia Smirnov - a wealthy ferret couple

Supporting Edit

Trivia Edit

  • When Harry tries to name a price, he uses "Zenophonian drachmas".

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