The Dynamite Twins: My House is Your House is a comic book from the main series in The Dynamite Twins and Friends, written by Jordann Edwards and Craig Black , with a story idea from Black, and illustrations by Edwards.

In an unusual turn, Edwards decides to post the pages in collected parts on Webtoon and Tapas, before making physical copies.


Terri needs some work done on repairing some Rodger-induced damage to her mansion. Of course, this is easier said than done, as the repairmen that she hires aren’t what they say they are...meanwhile, a wealthy ferret couple from eastern Europe wants to have a piece of the pie...


Jordann Edwards was trying to come up with new stories as part of a reboot. Meanwhile, Craig Black was winding down on his own stories. In an extensive chat, Craig had an idea of a story surrounding a house issue.



  • Terri
  • Jacqui
  • Maxie
  • The "builders" - a group of criminals who pose as builders.
    • Harry - a conniving lizard who leads the pack
    • Fred - a red and white robin who's the right-paw man
    • PJ - an English sheepdog
  • Ivan and Nadia Smirnov - a wealthy ferret couple from Castle Smirnov.



  • When Harry tries to name a price, he uses "Zenophonian drachmas".
    • "Zenophonian" is a reference to The Space Gypsy Adventures, of which co-writer Craig was a fan. Zenophon was a neutral planet in that serial.
    • The drachma was a form of Greek currency; its most recent use was before 2000, the year in which the Euro was adopted. It was also the apparent galactic currency in the original 1980s version of Space Gypsy.
  • The Smirnovs are intentionally ethnically ambiguous, though JW states that they are pretty much Greco-Slavic.