The Dynamite Twins: Lost Vegas is a comic from The Dynamite Twins and Friends franchise. It is one of the first comics that is produced by ColorWorld Productions.

Premise Edit

The Twins and Rodger receive a mysterious invitation to Las Vegas, paid full-price. After winning a game against a crime boss, they witness a murder. They enter a series of games that they are forced to play...

Background Edit

On January 2016, Jordann William Edwards went on his first trip to Las Vegas. During the trip, he was inspired - after drawing an initial sketch of the Twins in Vegas, he decided to develop a story around it.

Characters Edit

Main: Edit

Supporting: Edit

  • Monique: a mysterious fennec who works as a medium.
  • Bluenose: a notorious gambler, hustler, and former illusionist.
  • Jeffrey Moss: a skunk who's also a tech mogul and CEO of MossTech.

Trivia Edit

  • This is mainly a satire of many Las Vegas depictions.
    • More specifically, the crime scene is a nod to the CSI franchise.