The Dynamite Twins: Lost Vegas is a comic from The Dynamite Twins and Friends franchise. It is one of the first comics that is produced by ColorWorld Productions.


The Twins and Rodger receive a mysterious invitation to Las Vegas, paid full-price. After winning a game against a crime boss, they witness a murder. They enter a series of games that they are forced to play...


On January 2016, Jordann William Edwards went on his first trip to Las Vegas. During the trip, he was inspired - after drawing an initial sketch of the Twins in Vegas, he decided to develop a story around it.




  • Monique: a mysterious fennec who works as a medium.
  • Bluenose: a notorious gambler, hustler, and former illusionist.
  • Jeffrey Moss: a skunk who's also a tech mogul and CEO of MossTech.


  • This is mainly a satire of many Las Vegas depictions.
    • More specifically, the crime scene is a nod to the CSI franchise.