AmbeeAutomáticaBea Waterfowl
Billy ReeseBlondieBuck Wild Bash
Bunny and BearCarmineCity of Critterton
ColorWorld ProductionsCrimsonDarryl Sparrow
DiegoElizabeth MoganJacqui
Jeffrey MossJordann William EdwardsJosie
Kamal WalkerKennedyLieutenant Stork
Lost VegasMallieMaxie
McClellan VillageMusic of The Dynamite Twins and FriendsNightmare in Critterton
RodgerRodger's Mouse PadSebastian Ortiz
Shady Tuesday'sShamrockShelly
ShirleySlugger SlackersSuper Rockets
TerriThe Dynamite Twins: Life in CrittertonThe Dynamite Twins: The Regulators
The Dynamite Twins and FriendsThe Dynamite Twins and Friends WikiaUrsa Major
VictorWiley Bottcher
File:Ambee transparent.pngFile:Automatica logo.pngFile:Bea Waterfowl.png
File:Billy the Drummer no text.pngFile:Blondie.pngFile:Buck Wild Bash.png
File:Bunny and bear new logo.pngFile:Carmine.pngFile:Carmine - 28-5-15 transparent.png
File:City of critterton map 1.jpgFile:City of critterton seal.pngFile:Colorworld logo 1.png
File:Communitylogo.pngFile:Crimson.pngFile:Critterton park entry revised.jpg
File:Jacqui.pngFile:Jacqui - 8-5-15 transparent.pngFile:Jeffrey Moss.png
File:Josie.pngFile:Kennedy boxer transparent.pngFile:Mallie - 28-3-16 transparent.png
File:Maxie.pngFile:Maxie - 8-5-15 transparent.pngFile:Oscar and Carlos transparent.png
File:Pepe 22-6-15 transparent.pngFile:Rodger.pngFile:Rodger - 13-5-15 transparent.png
File:Shady Tuesdays exterior 1 edit.pngFile:Shady tuesday's niteclub logo 1.pngFile:Shamrock.png
File:Shelly.pngFile:Shirley.pngFile:Shirley - 1-5-15 transparent.png
File:Slugger slackers front final.jpgFile:Tdt and friends logo color.pngFile:Tdt buck wild bash comic cover.jpg
File:Tdt nightmare in critterton logo.pngFile:Tdt pokemon going nowhere 1.jpgFile:Tdt the regulators logo.png
File:Terri - Whatcha starin at transparent.pngFile:Ursamajor logo.pngFile:Victor transparent.png

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