Keith is a character that appears in The Dynamite Twins and Friends franchise.

Character description

Physical appearance

Keith is a black cat with green eyes.

He's typically seen shirtless, following an incident at an early Field Marshals concert, where an excited fan-girl somehow managed to get close enough to rip it off him. Rather than replace the shirt, he decided to make his exposed muscles into part of his image.


Keith acts as though he were a "wild cat".


Keith was born Keith Eleanor Martin in South Los Angeles, California (then known as South Central), but grew up in San Francisco. His father made a living as an arms dealer who sold guns on the black market.

As a teenager, he worked out and gained some muscle hoping to join the football team, but was unsuccessful. Keith wanted to learn to play guitar as a kid, but it seemed "too hard" - he tried taking piano lessons, but thought it was "too boring". He then tried his hand at the four string bass guitar, which he took to quickly.

During high school, he met East Bay Jay, and they clicked... Around this time, he met Terry as well. Thus, they formed the Field Marshals.

Over the years of activity with the band, and as his maturity took hold, he's decided to expand his range as a producer. He gave the band a more "edgy" sound - and he took a young Sedrik the Mutt in the production process. He even legally changed his name to Keith Black Sable, before he formed his own label, Black Sable Muzik.

After the band split in the wake of Jay's death, Keith dabbled into a solo career (under Rocky Black, his childhood nickname), but that went nowhere. He is now a record producer (under his given name), working with a few musicians, including (but not limited to) PurpleSkies and even Blackmask, one of the children of his late friend Jay. He also works with his close friend Terry as a duo (Keith and Terry).


  • Keith's musical taste is the most diverse, spanning across different genres, from thrash metal, to gangsta rap, to nu metal, to hardcore punk.
    • Among his favourite acts are Slayer, Megadeth, N.W.A, Public Enemy, Tupac, Body Count, Biohazard and Bad Religion.