Jacob Elmer (born November 23, 1996) is an American cartoonist, guitarist and musician. Starting off as one of the creators of Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart, he is now a contributor for Critterton Concepts. 

Life and career

Jacob was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. He briefly lived in Mesa as a child, until his father graduated the police academy. At the age of four, he was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome.


Jacob started drawing when he was a kid, influenced by Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes. He had full intentions being a cartoonist, especially after discovering webcomics like, Sabrina Online and Transmission.

His current comic strip is A Furry Future, a slice of life single panel comic he post on DeviantArt.


Ever since he was a teenager, Jacob spends most of his free time playing guitar. He is an avid fan of Heavy Metal bands, like Anthrax, Megadeth, High on Fire, and Pantera. He especially enjoys Punk Rock, mostly The Ramones and Black Flag.

Jacob's main guitar is a sun burst Stratocaster type electric guitar.






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