Evelyn is a character appearing in The Dynamite Twins and Friends.

Character description

Physical description

Ev is a red fox. She looks like she's 20-ish, but she's really about 40.

Her most glaring distinction is that parts of her fur is dyed blue. No one knows why, but she does have matching lipstick.


Ev is very calm and collected, and is a youthful spirit.


Evelyn was born in the City of Vancouver - her family was of Quebecois ancestry. She had a decent childhood, but dividing her living in between the City and the small town of Bowen Island wasn’t doing any favours.

To make ends meet, she had quite a few jobs, from waitress to model to stripper. She had a lot co-signs from people, but she was a bit uncomfortable, due to her reserved background.

She once met Rodger when they both were at a club. They had a good time, and, needless to say, they both had sex.

Around that time, she met Tarquin Abel Clapton, an artist and photographer who wanted to make a living. The three became good pals, but Rodger would venture off to Critterton (even though they still kept in touch). Tarquin would get Evelyn pregnant, which prompted some people to decry this, especially when the pair were in a “May-December” relationship.

At 17, she had their first child, Dexter Aubrey.

By the time she had a second child, she quit her old jobs and works part-time in the Vancouver branch of the Public Service of Canada. Around that time, Tarquin died of unknown causes.