Officer Derek Bremmer is a character from The Dynamite Twins and Friends. He is the police detective from the Critterton Police Department.

Character description

Physical appearance

Derek is a Golden-Lab mix. He has slightly webbed paws that allow him to swim.

He is slightly chubby, but that doesn't impact him personally that much.


He's very loyal to his friends and the police department, as he is very committed to his work. Despite that, though, the loss of his family haunts him to this day. This trauma causes the usually laid-back dog to go unhinged if provoked.

Derek has an extremely nerdy side to him. He enjoys reading comic books as he has been collecting them as a kid, and he has a fondness for 80s action movies, both of which fueled his imagination and yearn for adventure. He would often play video games in his spare time too. He occasionally would play the bass guitar.

Derek has an intelligent side too, which comes in handy when he is assigned to a case. He has "heightened senses", often utilizing his ultra-focused hearing, and his sense of smell to find stuff like drugs, and even magic.

He's very good friends with the Twins, and a few squad members - he's also maintained a bit of a "friendship with benefits" with Ambee...


Derek was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Growing up in what was then South Central L.A., gangs were rampant around his house. As a pup, his mother threw him out of the house to protect him; she and several family members were killed in a mysterious magical explosion. Forced to fend for himself, he found a close friend - a Minotaur called Felipe del Toro.

From the time when he was a pup, he's read a lot of comic books, as he's wanted to be a superhero (his heightened senses made him think he's Daredevil) - he's also looked up to Martin Riggs from Lethal Weapon, whom he relates to the most, as he’s lost a lot as well. Riggs also inspired him to be a cop in the first place. Also, one of his good friends, Felipe, went on to be an undercover cop for the LAPD.

When the Battle of Critterton took place, he started looking up to the Twins, who have now been celebrated as heroes.

He decided to join the Critterton Police Department; however, in a similar situation to Judy Hopps from Zootopia, he was relegated to a morning patrolman on the streets. Every night, he spends some free time playing games.

As fate would have it, he would cross paths with the Twins (Maxie played an online racing competition against him)


  • Derek was partially inspired by Martin Riggs from the late 1980s film series Lethal Weapon - which, in-universe, is his favorite movie.
  • Derek is a huge fan of Marvel comic books, especially Daredevil.
  • His duty sidearm is a Smith & Wesson Model 19. He also keeps a snub nosed .38 revolver as his off duty/backup firearm.
  • Derek's favorite bands are the Field Marshals and The Wild K-9's. 
  • He also does stream on Twitch, and has a bit of a following there.