Bunny and Bear is a series of stories by Jordann William Edwards. It is also serving as a sister brand to The Dynamite Twins and Friends.


Bunny and Bear takes place in Forestville. The titular characters are two best friends who learn more about the world around them.

Unlike TDT, this series is more family-friendly.


Edwards was mainly inspired by his two younger sisters, he also took inspiration from Nickelodeon's iCarly, with the dynamic of the characters; not only that, but he took inspiration from Care Bears and My Little Pony (especially the Friendship is Magic stories).


  • Bunny and Bear webcomic - initially ran in 2013; as of 2017, it has now been rebooted, and is now on Tapas. As part of a shift in creative direction, the series focuses on longer stories.


  • Bunny and Bear and the Lemonade - originally published on in 2015. Removed in 2018 as part of a change in direction.


  • Bunny - the lead character in the series.
  • Bear - the other lead character in the series.
  • Jasper - Bunny and Willie's next-door neighbor.
  • Willie - Bunny's adoptive brother.
  • Camilla - a wealthy socialite and one of the richest residents of Forestville
  • Periwinkle - a panda bear who helped develop Forestville's marketplace.


  • Jordann William Edwards - creator

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