Blackmask is a character appearing in The Dynamite Twins and Friends.

Character description Edit

Physical appearance Edit

Blackmask is a yellow domestic cat. She has yellow "hair" and green eyes. Her distinguishing feature that gives her her name is a black raccoon-like mask over her eyes. Her paws and the tip of her tail are also black. She has a bit of a chubby figure as well.

Persona Edit

Blackmask embodies the term "ratchet". She clearly doesn't have a filter between her mind and her mouth, meaning anything she says can and will be dirty.

Background Edit

Blackmask was born and raised in Oakland, from what she describes as "in the cuts". She grew up with her mother (Ebony), and three siblings: an older brother (Stripes), an older sister (Patches), and a younger brother. Ebony had her kids with three "baby daddies" (Blackmask's father was a guitarist in a local punk band in the East Bay, which was how she was introduced to the likes of Green Day).

Growing up on the streets, she had her ways of getting by. Her older siblings taught her about the music biz, while her mother got her into the clubs. She was also involved in some gang warfare - she was Blood-affiliated.

Her work in the biz gained some notoriety from some of the best across the Bay, but she also gained some controversy…

She was caught in a crossfire between gang members, people who were lucky to fuck her, the works. This crossfire took the life of Blackmask’s little brother. She says, “I’m out this bitch,” and leaves Oakland. The closest she has to a sweet spot was Critterton. She was welcomed by the likes of Carmine, who invited her to Carmine’s Club.

When the Twins came along, she took a bit of a liking to them...but none more prominent than their friend, Rodger.

Now calling Critterton her home, she roams the streets, flirting with the locals, working at the Club, and doing a lot of musical projects, whether it’s solo or with a few groups.

Trivia Edit

  • Blackmask was created by writer Craig Black. TDT creator Jordann Edwards loved the character so much (he even helped develop her), that they decided to put a modified version of the character in the TDT world, after Black was finished with his own stories.

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