Avalon is a Realm of the Universe that is populated by Faeries of many different kinds. It’s your typical magical fairyland, although there are a few things which help make Avalon a truly unique and special place. Situated in one of the Otherworlds, Avalon is one of the most powerful locations in the Universe.


The realm consists of different biomes, each one being home to one or more different kind of Faerie:

Mystic Forest

The Mystic Forest is a lush forest, and one of many located in the verdant valleys prevalent across Avalon. This particular forest is located in the foothills of the Glacial Beacons (see below), and as such is made up of a healthy mix of deciduous and evergreen trees. Over the centuries, these trees have been carefully looked after, and arranged in such a way that when the deciduous leaves fall off in the cold winters, the remaining evergreens form a shape resembling the symbol of one of Avalon’s goddesses of nature (a tree goddess, obviously).

Glacial Beacons

The Glacial Beacons are the biggest mountain ranges in all of Avalon. These mountains reach so high up that snow falls on them year-round. There are a wealth of small towns present: Some are made up of a series of freestanding log structures, built around a central well; Others make use of cavern systems reaching deep inside the mountains (and of the latter, a small percentage have been re-purposed from worked out coal and jewel mines).

Misty Vale

Misty Vale is mostly water, but there is a floating "village" on it. It is called such because it rains a fact, the rain hides it, making it difficult to find… This "village" is the only way to access what’s beneath the water.

Bay of Sirens

The Bay of Sirens is located a short way south of the Glacial Beacons, on the opposite side of them from the Mystic Forest. This bay is perhaps one of the better known landmarks of the Avalon coastline, and can be split up into a few distinctive sections. To the north is a large cliff face, around the bottom of which are located a great number of coves. To the south lie huge sand dunes with evergreen trees sprouting from it. Halfway between the two is a large deciduous forest. A large sandy beach wraps all the way around the edge of the bay.

The Bay is home to several communities of sea fairies. Those in the north live in the coves; those in the middle and south live either in wooden huts on the edge of the beach, or in treehouses in the peripheral trees. As the sea faeries can’t go too far away from the water for too long, the Bay is both a vital and a convenient place for them to live.

It was actually these sea faeries (or ancestors of them) that gave the Bay of Sirens its name. The fact is, these faeries have special powers which allow them to transform into mermaids and travel further out to sea. With mermaids, of course, you also get Sirens, and tradition has it that these Sirens use their staggering beauty and ethereal singing to lure ships into the Bay, in order to plunder their cargo to make their own ends meet.

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