Automática is a planned spin-off of The Dynamite Twins and Friends. (developing)

Overview Edit

Pepe the chihuahua decides to travel down south to the Los Angeles area - in doing so, he inadvertently gets dragged into the street-racing scene.

This series is also more Latin American themed, as it will mostly feature characters of this nature.

Background Edit

Edwards had an idea of a street racing/muscle car-themed story for a while. He's been an avid collector of die-cast cars for as long as he could remember. He also wanted this to be a celebration of Latin American cultures, as he has partial Latin American ancestry himself.

Characters Edit

Main Edit

  • Pepe, a Mexican chihuahua. He's given an opportunity to make it big, taking a leave from Critterton in the process.
  • Diego, a blue-and-yellow macaw from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He loves enjoying living the wild side.
  • Essie, from Colombia

Trivia Edit

  • This series was inspired mainly by Edwards' love of race cars and customisable vehicles.
    • This was also influenced by the Fast and the Furious film series.

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